WRAPPING presents for Christmas is in full swing for two ladies from Ludlow.

Margaret Edwards and Jean Parker are getting presents ready to send to Romania as part of the annual shoe box appeal as they have been for more years than either of them can remember.

The ladies from Poyners in Broad Street wrap the boxes that are sent in early December to children that will not get much to cheer about at Christmas.

The sisters are always keen to get help from people in Ludlow to stock the boxes with presents that will make a difference to the lives of the well off.

It is not a case of gifts that cost a bomb but inexpensive and simple presents that the children can enjoy and make use of during the year.

For Margaret and Jean, the work never ends because the job of collecting the boxes, many provided by shops in Ludlow begins in January and continues throughout the year.

The work of wrapping the boxes can begin in the summer and is starting to come to a peak of activity.

When they are not wrapping shoe boxes or working in the shop, the ladies are busy in the town and have been very active in helping to remember those who lost their lives in conflict.

They led the campaign to have the names of the war dead put around the war memorial in the town centre.