A NEW exhibition is set to open in Ludlow.

Shropshire Museums Collections Centre in Ludlow has announced a new exhibition, ‘Sir Henry Sidney and the Ludlow Castle Heraldic Roll’.

This exhibition will show the original copy of the Ludlow Castle Heraldic Roll in its entirety.

The Roll dates from Tudor England and was discovered by Ludlow resident, Hugh Wood, in 2015 and, through public appeal, was acquired by the Friends of Ludlow Museum.

The Heraldic Roll is a record on parchment of the shields painted by order of Sir Henry Sidney in 1573 in the newly-built chancel of the Round Chapel of St Mary Magdalene in Ludlow Castle.

Sir Henry was an Elizabethan courtier and statesman. He was appointed by Queen Elizabeth I to be President of the Council of the Marches in Wales in 1560 until his death in 1586.

The exhibition show a vivid reconstruction of the Chancel by leading historic buildings artist Chris Jones-Jenkins. Also on show will be documents, arms and armour, and a series of tiles from Ludlow Castle. This reconstruction shows how the shields may have originally been displayed. Ludlow Castle was the administrative centre of the Council of the Marches. The exhibition opens on Friday, October 4 until January