A VILLAGE pub near Ludlow is bucking the national trend.

The Boot Inn has reopened for the first time since July 2017.

It comes at a time when pubs have been closing all over the country.

The pub was shut by the then owner and had been put on the market for development until concerned villagers intervened.

Almost 300 investors raised enough funds to buy the pub and finance a much-needed refurbishment programme on the Grade II listed building.

Now, after an eight-month programme of work, The Boot Inn is in the hands of experienced tenants, Chris and Hollie Thorpe and opened its doors on Thursday, August 29 much to the delight of the village.

“It’s a day we have all been working towards and, in due course after things have had chance to settle, we plan to host a celebration event to thank all those involved,” said John Alderton, chair of the community benefit society.

This has only been possible through the investments made by the community and the hard work of volunteers who helped throughout the refurbishment.

There was also generous support from The Pub is the Hub, Clay & Rock, CAMRA, Co-operative Community Finance, The Plunkett Foundation and Power to Change with the Key Fund who all helped with grants, support and donation of materials. Once more, Orleton has The Boot Inn open at the heart of the village, a welcome refuge and friendly watering hole – definitely More than a Pub.

The Community Boot Inn (Orleton) Limited proposal was set up to buy the Boot Inn from the Liquidator and appoint a professional tenant with the experience and skills to run the pub as a profitable and successful business.

The objective is to have a friendly and welcoming village pub that serves local beers and sensibly priced freshly prepared food.

Although the rate of pub closures has slowed, nearly 1,000 called time for the last time across the UK in 2018.