IT has been a record summer for visitors for the museum with a difference in Craven Arms.

More people that ever have been visiting the Land of Lost Content.

This is the museum that displays a wide range of items from what might be considered to be modern history.

It is an opportunity to take a trip down memory lane, as many of the items on display were part of everyday life for people who might not consider themselves to be very old.

The museum has benefitted from the growing nostalgia for a different age and a love of the retro.

Some of the items on display might be found in for repair at one of the quarterly Repair Café events held in Ludlow at the Mascall Centre and Rockspring Centre in January, April, July and October.

The Land of Lost Content in the Old Market Hall in Market Street in Craven Arms claims to be is an independent museum containing Britain’s foremost collection of pop culture ephemera, obscure objects and ordinary things from the pre-digital era.

It belongs to and is run by self-confessed compulsive and obsessive collector Stella Mitchell.

The museum is open seven days a week in July and August but closes during the winter.

Ludlow and south Shropshire has many places of historical interest for people to visit and it is very much on the historic tourism trail.

The town has its medieval castle that at one time had a key role in the defence of the realm being on the border country between England and Wales.

It is where Prince Arthur, the elder brother of Henry VIII died in 1502 and was also home for a period for Catherine of Aragon.

There is also St Laurence Church, one of the finest parish churches in the country and designated as a ‘Great Church.’

Ludlow also has its historic buildings and the Buttercross is now a museum run by Ludlow Town Council.

There are also the town walls, part of which are in urgent need of repair.

Another iconic Ludlow building is the Feathers Hotel that is in the stage of reopening following a major refurbishment.

Stokesay Castle further north is also a major attraction being a fine example of a fortified manor house on the England and Wales border.

The Acton Scott working Farm achieved natural attention as the venue for a BBC series about life on a rural working farm in Victorian times.