A CYCLE business in Ludlow has moved to new premises.

IIslabikes now has its headquarters at Lower Barns Business Park on. It has been based in Bromfield adjacent to the Ludlow Food Centre, now Ludlow Farm Shop.

The move to the new premises is the culmination of many years work and after a brief settling in period the business is nearly ready to open the doors and show off the results of all this hard work.

There will be an official opening in early September marking the next step for the company that has a particular reputation for helping children to get into cycling by using ‘balance bikes.

The new facilities include a test track where people can try out the different cycles.

Isla bikes was founded by Isla Rowntree. who also designs the bikes that are made in the Far East and assembled in Ludlow.

In a market that seems to offer an extensive choice of good looking bikes, it isn’t always obvious that many of them are compromised by poor fit, inappropriate parts and burdensome weight, according to Islabikes.

Isla Rowntree’s extensive experience in riding, bike design and custom frame building has allowed her to produce a range of bikes.

The bikes are built as light as is practically possible and everything is appropriately sized for the rider.

If children enjoy their first experience of cycling the company believes that they are more likely to continue with an activity that is good for health and friendships and can be a very good way to make friends.

Ms Rountree has an obsessive attention to the practical detailing, ride-ability and durability of every bike reflects an unrivaled appreciation of each rider’s needs.

Every Islabike incorporates size-specific frame design and proportionally sized components for children, including brakes and pedals that can be operated confidently with small hands and feet.