REAL time crime alerts will help keep communities across Shropshire safe, according to the West Mercia police and crime commissioner

John Campion said the West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch's We Alert App will help neighbours keep in touch and share safety advice and updates on a range of crime types.

He has invested in the app which is free to use, interactive and customisable.

"The We Alert App brings communities together, helping people to be involved in keeping themselves safe, through the sharing of real time information which enables them to take sensible precautions and work with the police to reduce crime," he said.

"I welcome this as part of Neighbourhood Watch's modern approach, will allows communities to play an active role, caring for others in order to contribute to a safer, more secure society."

Craig Cox, chair of West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch, said: "We alert allows users to engage with communities in a safe and secure way.

"We have extensive plans for developing the app, to provide additional safety features targeting the elderly."

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