THE summer Repair Café in Ludlow proved to be the busiest ever.

Almost 40 people arrived and, because three items per person are accepted, there were well over 70 items which were brought over the threshold of the Ludlow Mascall Centre.

The volunteer repairers greeted a variety of challenges: a tree lopper of epic length which extended well over the repair table; a Marconi transistor radio which used to pick up Radio Luxembourg back in its heyday; a legless table; a number of steam irons, a hand drill, a soldering iron, items which needed stitching and jewellery.

It was a busy, sometimes hectic, two-and-a-half hours, but as always, the atmosphere was buzzing and the smiles of both the repairers and the item-owners made it a bright morning.

Repair Cafes are running throughout the country as an antidote to the throwaway society. It also helps to maintain artisan craft skills.

Whilst there is no guarantee of a successful repair the experts will give it their best.

The Repair Café takes place in Ludlow every three month and alternates between the Mascall Centre and Rockspring Community Centre where the next one will be held on, Saturday, October 26 at the Rockspring Community Centre between 10am and 12.30pm. For more information contact Diane Lyle email: