A BOWLS Club that uses the greens in Tenbury claims that it arrived to play only to find itself unable to get into the pavilion because the locks had been changed.

Members had to wait outside until a groundsman could get a set of keys.

Ingrid Powell, long serving secretary of the Club is angry at: “the appalling way in which the Burgage Bowls league have been treated by the Tenbury Town council.

“We were locked out of the pavilion on the grounds that the ex tennis club members were using the washroom facilities. We were not given official prior notice and if it hadn’t been for the groundsman, who very kindly opened up, leaving his dinner, the evening would have been wasted.

“I have been secretary of the Bowls league for 19 years, we pay ‘Green fees’ of £800 per season and we have 50 members, some from as far afield as Church Stretton and Bewdley. We expect better treatment than this and a little respect would not go amiss.”

She said that the club had been told unofficially but had not been given enough notice.

Tenbury Town Council say the bowls club was informed in advance and told where replacement keys could be collected.