SATURDAY’S in Ludlow Town Centre offer a chance to see a little bit of living history but this week is a bit extra special.

On Saturday Ludlow Country Market will celebrate the centenary of the country markets movement.

In 1919 the first market in Lewes in Sussex was opened through a partnership between the Women’s Institute and the Ministry of Agriculture to help boost food production and support women living in rural areas in the wake of the First World War and to aid recovery.

The idea was successful and progressed quickly with markets opening up all over the country.

Now Ludlow is one of 250 country markets in England and Wales.

In Shropshire there are eight country markets with them selling homemade produce, cakes and baked goods, preserves, seasonal garden produce and plants and a great range of handicrafts.

In another event tomorrow a group of young people who left Ludlow High School this summer will be running a fete this Friday in Craven Arms for local charity Empathy. The fete marks the end of their National Citizen Services, a four-week programme run by Catch22 which focusses on personal development, learning and community work across the region.

The fete takes place tomorrow (Friday) from 11am to 2.30pm at the Halo Community Centre in Craven Arms.