PLANS have been submitted to remove a section of the weir in Ludlow.

Severn Rivers Trust has applied to remove part of the 200-year-old Linney Weir structure on the River Corve.

The application has been made to make it easier for migratory fish to get up and down the Rivers Corve and Teme.

If it is agreed the trust aims to remove a nine-metre section from the 18-metre stone weir. The stonework removed will be used as rip rap to protect the remaining weir and the banks of the Corve.

Andy Boddington, the councillor for Ludlow North on Shropshire Council, believes that there are a number of questions that will need to be answered.

“There is no information about the impact of this work,” he said.

“The Linney Weir is within the Ludlow Conservation Area and an assessment of heritage impact will be needed. The weir has been in place for at least two centuries.

“Taking out half the weir will increase the flow from the Corve to the Teme. That could help properties in Lower Corve Street.

“But will there be any consequential impact downstream on Temeside? Will the well-used footbridge over the Corve next to the weir be closed during the works and if so, for how long?”

The Linney is a popular spot in the autumn for people to watch salmon jumping as they return at the end of their lives to spawn in the section of river where they were born.

Obstructions such as weirs were constructed as mills were built for the grinding of corn, but they had the effect of making it more difficult for migrating fish to return upstream.

Efforts to prevent this have included the building of fish passes alongside weirs like the one in Ludlow.

Fish passes have also been installed alongside hydroelectric schemes that use water to produce power.

Rivers like the Corve and Teme are considered to be environmentally very important because the water is high quality and free from pollution, making it idea for fish like salmon.

The Linney is a popular Ludlow beauty spot and attraction especially during the summer.

It includes an area where children can play, a picnic area and a cafe.

There are public toilets that have just been re-opened after refurbishment by Ludlow Town Council.

In the past people were able to hire boats to use on the river but this stopped many years ago.