Two police officers have been slapped with a written warning for spraying a handcuffed man while he was partially naked on the toilet.

West Mercia Police constables Sharon Phillips and Simon Wilkey were found to have breached the force’s professional standards at a public misconduct hearing at Hindlip Hall police headquarters last week.

The two officers visited the home of Edward Jones at Milford Lane, Baschurch near Shrewsbury on July 20, last year, after receiving a call that he had threatened to kill a family member.

Barrister Elliot Gold told the hearing that both officers used incapacitant spray on Mr Jones at close range while he was on the toilet and took him to the ground while he was partially naked and handcuffed.

He also told the hearing that PC Phillips sprayed Mr Jones again while he was being walked barefoot to the police van.

“This was unnecessary in the circumstances,” he said.

Mr Gold said the officers had failed to show Mr Jones the appropriate patience, respect and courtesy by using insulting language.

He alleged PC Wilkey called Mr Jones ‘sunshine’ three times in a derogatory manner, that he told him he was ‘taking the piss, was a ‘proper dick’ and to ‘stop being a knob’.

He also said PC Phillips threatened to arrest Mr Jones for a sexual offence while PC Wilkey is alleged to have threatened to arrest him for an offence of indecent exposure.

Both officers were found to have breached the standards of professional behaviour relating to authority, respect and courtesy, use of force, orders and instructions and discreditable conduct.

While PC Phillips also breached the standard for duties and responsibilities.

Adrian Keeling QC, defending PC Phillips, said Mr Jones had a history of violence and problems with alcohol and drugs.

He said he had been drinking heavily the days leading up to July 20 and that he had threatened to kill his parents if they did not give him £1,000.

PC Phillips was given a final written warning which lasts for 18 months while PC Wilkey was given a 12-month written warning.