TRAIN enthusiasts can enjoy the next best thing to a cab ride on one of the rural lines of Shropshire if they visit a book shop in Ludlow.

The Castle Bookshop is selling a DVD made from a video taken from the cab of a train travelling between Shrewsbury and Welshpool in 1993.

A journey of nearly 50 minutes also includes a commentary from the driver of the train.

The DVD is available from the Castle Bookshop in Ludlow Town Centre.

It has been put together by railway and video enthusiast David Alligan.

Mr Aligan, aged 57, now lives in Felixstowe in Suffolk but was a regular visitor to Ludlow for nearly 20 years.

“We used to come to the area at least once a year to visit and have very fond memories of Ludlow which really is a lovely town,” said Mr Alligan.

He said that the railway lines in the area go through some of the most beautiful countryside in the country.