THERE will be a street party in Ludlow on Saturday.

It will provide a chance to mark the end of the Arts Fringe Festival that finishes on Sunday and will also provide an opportunity for people from the town to meet up and get to know each other better.

The Ludlow Fringe Festival and local group People 4 Ludlow invite anyone and everyone to the third Jo Cox Ludlow Great Get Together on in Castle Square midday to 4.0pm.

People are asked to bring some food to share with new friends and to have some fun.

“Following two successful years the Great Get Together is now a regular feature of the Ludlow Fringe Festival promoting the message of tolerance and joined-up communities,” said Kim Holroyd, one of the organisers.

“We feel it’s really important that we come together to celebrate all that we have in common and to share our thoughts on building a fairer, more compassionate world.”

There will be a colourful party atmosphere with music, soft drinks, children’s games and shelter from the weather – come rain or shine - all provided.

The Women’s Centre off Church Lane will be open for those who want to relax in a quieter atmosphere or find a corner for a chat.

Similar events will be taking place in other parts of the country to remember the Labour MP Jo Cox who was murdered by a right-wing extremist just a week before the European Union Referendum in January 2016.

Her family and friends set up a foundation based upon the mantra that no matter what differences people have there is in most cases much more that unites them than divides them.

The People for Ludlow Group was set up several years ago to help bring the people of the town regardless of their circumstances together in order to build understanding and to help them to find out more about each other.

It is an initiative that helps to cement existing friendships and provide the opportunity to make new ones.

People 4 Ludlow is not the only group in the town that is doing this kind of work.

Ludlow again proved its credentials as a ‘can do’ town as volunteers and locals came together over free breakfasts to celebrate the importance of having a strong local community.

The free breakfasts were organised and served by volunteers from Hands Together Ludlow, the local charity with a reputation for helping develop local solutions for local issues.

Approximately 200 free breakfasts were served from the Local to Ludlow food station to surprised locals and visitors enjoying the sunshine in Ludlow’s Market Square at the end of May.

Hands Together Ludlow’s aim is to work with other charities and organisations to provide coordinated solutions supporting local people.

Both groups will be holding events in the future.