SHROPSHIRE Council has decided not to go ahead with plans to cut the frequency of a bus service in Ludlow.

Vivienne Parry, who is a town councillor and the member for Ludlow South on Shropshire Council, says that she has been told that the idea of cutting the service from every 30 minutes to every 45 minutes has been dropped.

The proposal to reduce the level of service attracted criticism and was claimed to go against the claims by Shropshire Council to be been to reduce carbon emissions,

“People will be very relieved to know that this vital service looks as if it will not be cut after all,” said Mrs Parry.

“There are a lot of people in Ludlow that are dependent upon the bus to get into town to do shopping and go to important appointments including the doctors.

“Ludlow has a high proportion of older people who do not have a car, but it is not only the elderly but also people with young children who need a regular bus service.”

The fear was that in cutting the frequency of the service fewer people would use the bus.

“It makes no sense to claim to care for the environment and cut bus services,” Mrs Parry added.

“We are supposed to be encouraging people to use cars less in order to reduce pollution.