THE largest car park in Ludlow town centre will

be resurfaced in the summer.

Vivienne Parry, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow south, says that a group that she chairs has been told that the car park improvements will be undertaken at some stage during the summer.

However, she says that Shropshire Council has not said when or how the work will be done.

It is also planned to install a charging point for electric vehicles.

Mrs Parry, who is also a member of Ludlow town council, has welcomed the plan but says that the timing is wrong.

She also believes that there should be more than one charging point.

“In time we will all be using electric cars and there really needs to be more than one charging point to help encourage people to make the change,” said Mrs Parry.

She has been calling for improvements to the car parks for a long time and says that the one next to the market is in particular need of work.

“I am pleased that the Galdeford car park is to be resurfaced and repainted,” said Mrs Parry.

“However, the summer is not the best time as there are all the festivals and it will reduce the number of parking spaces available at a time of the year when they are needed the most.

“The car parks are in a poor state and in some places, it is hard to see the marking for the spaces and the direction signs, so people go the wrong way.

“I assume that the work will be phased so as to limit the inconvenience and loss of spaces where people can park.”