AS ‘the Advertiser’ was going to Press Tim Gill was taking up his seal of office as the Mayor of Ludlow.

He will serve as Mayor for the third successive year.

Mr Gill was re-elected to the post for the second time by town councillors as their Annual meeting.

He took over from Paul Draper who left the Town Council after serving a long period as Mayor.

The Mayor decided to accept re-election after what has been a difficult year personally because of illness in his family.

On a number of occasions Mr Gill’s place was taken by his deputy Colin Sheward.

Mr Gill has used his years in office to support people in the town facing challenges in their lives.

During his first year as Mayor his charity supported Citizens Advice in the town that offers help and advice to people facing a range of challenges including financial pressures, housing problems and difficulties with the benefits system.

For the second year, Mr Gill supported a youth project that works with young people in the town with mental health and other problems.

He has also championed health care and been a strong supporter of the community hospital in Ludlow.

The deputy mayor for the coming year is Robin Pote, who takes over from Mr Sheward.