THE Working Together Café in Ludlow Town Centre has sold its last slice of cake in its Tower Street home.

It closed its doors for the last time on Good Friday and has now moved to its permanent new home in the Rockspring Centre.

Working Together supports people with learning difficulties and the café in Tower Street has been a feature of the town for many years.

But it was decided at the end of 2018 that this was no longer sustainable.

The café in Tower Street has closed with the ending of the lease.

Roma Jackson, chair of Working Together, blamed austerity and the competition from other cafes in the town for the decision to close.

Other factors include the lack of facilities, repairs that are needed and a shortage of volunteers.

Last year the café opened on Saturdays in a bid to boost business, but the response was disappointing.

“The truth is the café is not fit for purpose,” Ms Jackson said.

The cafe faced fierce competition from the proliferation of cafes, pubs and restaurants in the town centre and paid the price for too many seats chasing too few bottoms as with money tight people were more careful with what they spent.

It was not easily accessible for people with disabilities, the stairs were a problem and there was no lift.

To remain would have involved significant investment with fixtures, fittings and equipment at the end of their useful life.

Whilst the landlord was responsible for the structure of the building it would have fallen to the charity to fund the other work that was needed and the income did not make this sustainable.

Working Together has been pioneering in its work to link people with learning difficulties with the local community.

The Group will continue to offer a Youth Club, Diversity Club, Sports Club, Writers Club, Sewing Bee and social activities from the Rockspring Centre.