A LUDLOW branch of the campaigning group Extinction Rebellion has joined the fight to protect bus services in the town.

There is a Ludlow and Leominster branch of the group that came to prominence when it protested in London including bringing sections of the underground to a halt.

In Ludlow the group is looking to stop a proposed reduction in bus services.

A plan to reduce a town centre service from every half hour to every 45 minutes is part of a consultation that has been launched by Shropshire Council.

Kim Holroyd from Extinction Rebellion has been out and about handing notes to passengers thanking them for using bus services.

She says those using buses help to reduce Co2 emissions as they are well used on these routes.

However, Shropshire Council wants to reduce the frequency on what campaigner’s claim is the busiest route in south Shropshire.

The 701 town service is the one that faces a reduction in frequency.

Extinction Rebellion has joined forces with Bus Users Shropshire to let people know about the proposal and to stand up for buses. They say that buses are part of the solution not the problem and the more people on board the less is the impact on the environment.

Passengers are being asked to register their dissatisfaction with the proposal to reduce the frequency on the 701 bus from the current 30 minutes to every 45 minutes.

By reducing the frequency, it is feared that demand will go down and this will be the start of a downward spiral for passengers, shopping on the high street and access to medical facilities.

Furthermore, they say it is difficult to see how the proposal will save costs as it will still require one driver and bus every day.

“We are pleased to join forces with Bus Users Shropshire on this campaign as transport is a major contributor to carbon emissions and pollution in towns,” said Ms Holroyd.

“Every one that steps on board a bus instead of taking the car to town is helping to improve the environment and we urge Shropshire Council to reconsider this retrograde step. We’ll be at the Local to Ludlow Market every second and fourth Thursday if people want to discuss how they can support the survival of the planet.

Les Lumsdon, an expert of transportation and an environmental campaigner, leads the Shropshire Bus Users group.

“Bus Users Shropshire campaigns for a better deal for bus passengers,” he said.

The group is also concerned about pollution.