DAMIAN Green has announced his proposal for two-tier social care with the wealthy able to pay for a ‘better standard’ via private insurance.

During the interview on radio 4 Mr Green, sacked from the Government for making “inaccurate and misleading” statements about his laptop use, was at it once again explaining how a new funding stream could be found to pay for social care in the UK.

Mr Green’s starting point is how to pay NOT where is the need and assumes this applies to “older people” who may start to think about this in their 50s.

In doing this he reveals his complete ignorance about who needs adult social care and doesn’t answer the questions needing to be asked such as: What happens to people who may never have an income i.e. those most vulnerable citizens such as the profoundly disabled with multiple complex health needs?

Where are the staff going to come from to care for these second-class citizens with the most care needs?

During the interview he said “We can’t have a national care service because most of it is already in the private sector.”

Mr Green says in usual Tory spin terms: “The easiest solution politically is to say that everything must be free at the point of use, and that the funding to pay for this can come from 'the rich' (defined by everyone as someone richer than them). But the financial mathematics simply do not add up.”

Well how about the 1 per cent actually paying tax? The figure don’t add up because under the Tories the wealthy and corporations don’t pay tax.

“Nor would the system be particularly fair – as even the most spendthrift socialist cannot seriously believe that it is the job of the State to pay for fully equipped gyms and bistro bars in every care home.

Two ‘inaccurate and misleading’ statements from Green in one sentence from a Tory government that has managed to increase the national debt by one trillion pounds and is failing to provide even a basic level of protection for vulnerable citizens.

Mr Green's proposals are aimed at wealthy people and the rest can go to hell. Tory thinking in a nutshell.

Janet Cobb

Bishops Castle