LUDLOW Parish Path Partnership Group, known as Ludlow P. 3, have completed 10 years of operation since the first meeting in late 2008.

The members are all trained by Shropshire Council Officers in the Outdoor Partnerships Unit to maintain public footpaths and their stiles, gates and guide posts of various types.

Clearing of footpaths caused by overgrowing trees, shrubs and ground vegetation is a regular part of the work and signage, usually by discs is a vital activity indicating which is the direction of the right of way.

The members of the group have been together for a number of years, meeting once or twice a month generally and obviously enjoying the experience of working in the country alongside colleagues on specific tasks.

They have met as a group of three or more, over 100 times in the ten years and countless occasions in ones or twos.

They have logged over 270 hours of work since March 2017 and work in six or seven villages around Ludlow.

They are mostly retired men, although they did have a woman in the group until she moved - and they could do with some younger blood in the team!

The group look after 30 town footpaths, checking they are still in order from time to time, as they are mainly surfaced.

Outside town, they care for the Shropshire Way Main Route, most of the 10 miles north to Craven Arms and east to the top of Titterstone Clee Hill.

They have also put together 11 promoted varied routes in their Ludlow Country Walk leaflets on sale to the public at Castle Bookshop and through the Visitor Information Centre in town.