TENBURY will have a small team travelling to the United States in the summer to promote the area for both tourist and businesses.

Paddy Brennan, who runs the Bluestone Centre at Bleathwood, will be taking a team of boxers to Ireland and then in the summer to Boston.

In the United States they will be taking part in a tournament alongside teams from the United States, Canada and Ireland.

One of the team will be Liz Williams, aged 31, who works with Mr Brennan and is a female boxer.

But the trip will be about much more than just what happens in the boxing ring.

Mr Brennan and his team will be spending 10 days in Boston and plan to use the time to promote Ludlow and Tenbury.

He will be taking leaflets and brochures with him and encouraging people who come to England from the United States on holiday to take a look at Ludlow, south Shropshire, Tenbury and the Teme Valley.

“This is one of the most beautiful parts of the country so if we can do anything to raise awareness of what is on offer then we will do so,” said Mr Brennan.

He said that there are limited resource to promote the area. Tenbury has Visitor Information Centres that are staffed by volunteers.

“The visitor information centres do a great job, but the problem is that they can only help when people have come here,” added Mr Brennan.

“What chances are there for people in places like the United States and Canada to even know that Ludlow and Tenbury and the Teme Valley even exist.”

Austerity has meant that budget for the promotion of tourism to places like Shropshire and Worcestershire have, if they ever existed at all, been decimated.

Promotion through organisations like Visit Britain mean that places like Ludlow and south Shropshire and Tenbury and the Teme Valley hardly get a look in.

“It is a huge pity because there is so much to offer in this area,” said Mr Brennan.

“The towns and villages are hospitable and there is so much history.

“There are excellent places to stay ranging from hotels to camping and caravan parks, so all budgets are catered for in the area.

“As we all know the countryside and geography is diverse ranging from the magnificent isolation of the south Shropshire hills to the rolling countryside and fruit and vegetables farms of Tenbury and the Teme Valley.

“There are also some excellent visitor attractions.

“The area also has excellent opportunities for walking and cycling holidays.”

Mr Brennan said that tourism and hospitality play a big part in the local economy providing many jobs for people.

“If people come to the area there is a good chance that they will enjoy themselves, tell others and come back in the future,” Mr Brennan said.

“Boxing can make a contribution in getting the word out to the wider world.”