A CAR that was left in a Ludlow Town centre car park has been badly damaged by vandals.

The vehicle was left in the Lower Galdeford Car Park on a Saturday evening but when the owners arrived back, they found that it has been badly damaged.

“A car was vandalised in the Upper Galdeford car park, adjacent to Station Drive, on a Saturday night,” said Tim Gill, Mayor of Ludlow.

Every window had been smashed, the driver’s wing mirror broken off, the light lenses smashed. and the car’s interior damaged.”

The value of the damage that has been caused is not known but is likely to run into thousands of pounds.

In the past Ludlow town centre has been victim of numerous incidents of vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

This has included broken bottles, glass being scattered on roads and urination in the street, at bus stops and even in one case through a letter box.

Some of these incidents have been put down to people drinking too much in town centre pubs.

There have also been periodic problems with people making a lot of noise and causing disturbance to residents who live in the area.

At one time there was a series of burglaries on shops in the town.