THE organisers of Ludlow in Bloom need a new logo - and a collection of wedding dresses.

It is all part of the preparations for the town’s bid for yet another gold award this year.

In 17 years, there have only been two when it has not won gold.

Ludlow will be trying to get its 15th consecutive gold accolade when the judges visit in July.

But it gets harder every year and the town has to keep upping the level.

The competition is run by Heart of England in Bloom and involves towns throughout the Midlands.

Mrs Parry said that success brings pressures and that now anything, but a gold is viewed as failure.

Ludlow Town Council supports the bid as it is seen as part of the work to make the town attractive to visitors and so plays and important part in the economy of the town.

But the volunteers know that success depends upon factors that can be largely beyond their control.

Last year the prolonged period of hot and dry weather resulted in problems keeping the blooms properly watered and so in good condition.

This resulted in Mrs Parry and others having to push a bowser of water around the town in the heat.

Each year the judges arrive in July but do not only look at the quality of the blooms but take other factors into account including support and engagement with the community.

It is particularly important to demonstrate the involvement of schools and young people so that there are future generations to continue the work into the future.

“One of the comments made last year is that we do not have a logo to put on our letters and other literature,” said Vivienne Parry, who heads the ‘in bloom.’ group.

To put this right a competition is being launched and pupils and students at the schools in and around Ludlow are being asked to prepare a design.

“Although we want to give entrants as free a hand as possible, we would like something a bit different,” said Mrs Parry.

“We do not want to show the ‘Ludlow rose’ as it has not been authenticated and would like to avoid very obvious symbols of the town such as the church and castle.”

Every year the ‘in bloom’ group has to have a theme for their bid and this year it will be weddings.

“This seems appropriate because the summer is a prime time for weddings and they are so closely associated with flowers,” added Mrs Parry.

“I would hope that we can have a display of dresses through the ages, brides and bridesmaids, as well as the clothing worn by men.

The wedding display will be in St Laurence Church in early July to coincide with the arrival of the judges.

Entries for the logo design competition are open to anyone up to the age of 18 and need to be sent to Ludlow Town Council by Friday, May 31.

Anyone who has wedding dresses for display should contact Mrs Parry.