ON the first Saturday of every month people in Craven Arms have the chance to meet up with their local councillors.

The informal meetings provide an opportunity to raise specific issues as well as to express an opinion on general matters that are the responsibility of Shropshire Council.

Because of austerity and cuts the activities that Shropshire Council is responsible for has been cuts and so have budgets with an impact upon services that are provided.

On the first Saturday of every month County and Town Councillor’s hold a surgery at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms.

At a surgery, which are held from 10am until 12noon.

The local authority is heavily dependent upon funds from central Government that has been subject to cuts.

In addition to this, local authorities have a cap of two per cent on Council tax increases for general spending unless they hold a referendum to enable them to go above this figure.

A further two per cent can be added but this money has to be spent on adult social care.

All councillors hold regular surgery style events at which they meet electors on a one-to-one basis to discuss issues where help or advice may be needed.

In the same way members of parliament hold constituency surgeries periodically at different locations. in the cases of large geographic constituencies.