A COUNCILLOR from south Shropshire has criticised the blocking of a step that she says would have made planning a more open process.

Heather Kidd, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Chirbury and Worthen and a former parliamentary candidate for Ludlow, has condemned the controlling Conservative group on Shropshire Council for blocking a motion that she says would have made planning decisions across the county more open and transparent.

“This was pure tribalism on the part of the ruling Conservative group,” said Ms Kidd.

“One of the biggest complaints voiced by residents at the moment is the secretive, inconsistent manner in which Shropshire Council deals with planning applications.

“People, parish councils and councillors alike are incensed that there is no effective way to have an input into the planning process

“My motion would have addressed these issues and helped heal the fractured relationship between parish councils and the county.

“It was seconded by Councillor David Vasmer and supported by members of all parties bar the ruling Conservatives.

“They didn’t say a thing.”