A BISHOP’S Castle company has sparked the interest of Welsh peer, Baroness Christine Humphreys.

She is a member of the House of Lords Select Committee on The Rural Economy and is to visit the Town tomorrow.

“Enterprise South West Shropshire sent in an eye-catching written report to the Lords’ Committee,’ she said.

“Coming from a very rural area myself, it rang bells with me—the difficulty of promoting rural enterprises, which are too often too small to register with policy makers. I was really impressed with the range of activities in which ESWS is engaged. And, of course, really impressed too with the determination and imagination that has kept them alive for so long!

“Their survival is evidence of the value which local people place on the Company’s services.’

The Baroness is expected to visit Enterprise House, The Sparc Centre and the Community College. She will also attend a Lunch with local Liberal Democrat members.

Traditionally the Liberal Democrats have been second behind the Conservatives in Ludlow parliamentary elections but in 2017 they came in behind Labour and so are keen to recover support.

However, the party remains strong at unitary level and where they are the official opposition.