JOHN King, the businessman with Motor Neurone Disease has died.

Mr King, aged 77, lived at Sutton near Tenbury Wells.

He had expressed his intention to end his life in an interview which was carried in the Hereford Times and Tenbury Wells Advertiser this week.

Nearly three years ago, Mr King was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, a progressive terminal illness.

This had reached the stage at which Mr King was unable to breathe without a mask and had to be fed artificially.

The businessman, who was well know in Tenbury, Ludlow, Hereford and the Marches, was a former adviser to the Chamber of Commerce in Hereford and was for many years the chair of Hereford Young Enterprise.

Mr King said that he intended to die under medical supervision by removing his breathing mask.

He wanted to do this whilst he was still able and made it clear that it was his choice.

But he was adamant that he did not want a change in the law to make assisted suicide legal.

Mr King leaves a wife Elaine, two daughters and a grandson.