Hereford College of Arts presents CMYK-Hay, a one day inspiring and engaging festival.

Hereford College of Arts Degree Illustration course presents CMYK-Hay, a one day festival of contemporary print and illustration, with special guests, a market place and workshops.

On the day there will be hosted talks with celebrated practitioner John Broadley and publisher Joe Pearson from Design for Today.

The market place will sell limited edition prints, posters, cards, comics, zines, and other ephemera. Sellers will include professional illustrators, print makers, artists, designers and students from across the country.

Print fairs such as CMYK offer image makers a chance to meet their audience, debut new projects and share their work outside of the familiar spaces illustration often finds itself in (magazines, book covers, advertising). As such you can expect to find short runs, limited editions, rarities, affordable ephemera, personal stories, wild experiments and projects that blur the boundaries between personal art, product and craft.

From digital illustration to traditional print making techniques, you'll find fluorescent risograph, screen prints, collage, printing press, etched and embroidered works. As a communicative art form, illustrators typically don't discriminate between the latest technology and historical processes, using whatever's needed to tell their story, broadcast their message or share an idea. Illustration never forgets its beginnings while forever embracing its journey.

The one day festival is Saturday, February 23 at the Globe at Hay, an independent arts venue in a spacious old Methodist chapel.