THERE is more to knitting than might seem the case at first sight.

It is a skill that has great practical benefit and can be a very good way of making clothes and fashion accessories for people from the new born to the elderly.

But the activity has more to it that than and is undertaken by both men and women of all ages and not just ladies of a certain age as might be imagined.

Knitting can be a solo activity or as is often the case as part of a group session as happens in Church Stretton.

New members are welcome at the Sit and Knit group held every Saturday at Church Stretton Library. People of all abilities, from beginners to the more experienced can join in with the group which meet from 10am until 12.30pm.

Knitting can also be therapeutic and is used to help people with anxiety and other mental illnesses.

Knitting away are from left are Carmel Duggan, Sue Fairbrace and Marie Wilcox.