PEOPLE are being urged not to park in Corve Street in Ludlow on Saturday night.

The road needs to be kept clear to allow resurfacing on Sunday.

Corve Street is being resurfaced over three Sundays.

Ludlow councillors are calling for residents and visitors not to leave their cars on Corve Street overnight on Saturday, February 25.

This is the last day of a three Sunday operation to rebuild the failed road surface and sort out problems with drains and traffic lights.

“We have arranged this work for a time when it will be least disruptive to local businesses and the tourist trade,” said Andy Boddington, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow North.

“But we have a problem with people ignoring the no parking signs.

“They are preventing some areas of the road being repaired. A parked car stopped one area being resurfaced last Sunday.

“The owner could not be contacted because the car was not registered in Shropshire. This area will be patched on Sunday morning. That’s providing no one leaves their car in the space overnight Saturday.”

Ludlow Mayor Tim Gill said that if people ignore no parking signs then the result is likely to be a patchwork of repairs.

“The quality of the new road surface is really good, but we are likely to end up with a patchwork of repairs if people park their cars on Corve Street overnight this coming Saturday,” said Mr Gill.

“We need to get this job done. The last chance to do that is this weekend. I don’t know why people are ignoring the no parking cones.”

Corve Street is being resurfaced over three Sundays.

The existing surface was laid by a previous council contractor and it failed immediately. Shropshire Council’s highways engineers have designed a repair that they believe will last many years. A hard-wearing tarmac surface will be laid.