TIME is running out to take part in the half term week of activities at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms.

The team at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre are involved in another fun filled week of popular activities this February Half Term.

The How to Train Your Dragon sessions are on every day this week from 1pm to 2.30pm and are £4 per accompanied four-11-year olds. ‘Harry Hooligans’ will make a horned hat and practice yelling. They will learn dragonese and practice catching sheep launched from a catapult.

In School for Dragon Cookery, children can make food for Fishlegs and Hiccup. They can make Dragon Scale nachos, Yaknog, Dragon Poop sweets and more! The team have organised another session of this for Friday afternoon after the first two filled up. School for Dragon Cookery is £7.50 per accompanied four-11-year-old, booking essential.

Extra sessions have been added for both the How to Train Your Dragon and School for Dragon Cookery due to popularity.

There will also be an extra date on Wednesday, February 27 for those on Powys Half Term when both sessions will be available, and bookings are being taken now.