A GROUP of people from Ludlow have been helping to plan the future of the town.

Almost 40 people attended the Methodist Church to see how they could be involved, and how they could influence Ludlow’s future over the next decade.

Ludlow Town Council’s questionnaire of the town’s residents last year highlighted a number of key themes which will shape the vision and a new Community Led Plan.

These themes include: Young People; Older and Vulnerable People; Transport, Parking and Road Safety; Employment and Economic Development; Retail and the Market; Environment (including litter and open spaces); Tourism; Crime and Safety.

The analysis from the household questionnaire will support the development and implementation of a vision for Ludlow for a five to 10-year period.

Themed groups are being led by a Town Councillor and local people, who, collectively will be looking at some of the key issues raised by residents in the questionnaire responses.

Councillor Erica Garner, who chairs the Community Led Plan Working Group, and who is taking the lead on Young People, says she is encouraged by the level of initial support given by the people of the town. For more info “Those who came to the meeting came with energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to help form Ludlow’s future,” she said.

“There was a buzz in the room and a real sense of, to quote Barrack Obama, a ’yes we can’ attitude’.”

The other Councillors involved are Vivienne Parry – leading on Older and Vulnerable People; Robin Pote – Transport, Parking and Road Safety; Graeme Perks – Environment, Litter and Street Furniture; Diane Lyle – Crime and Safety; Retail and the Market.

It’s not too late to get involved.

Anyone interested in learning more about the groups and their objectives, should get in touch with Erica Garner, telephone 07974001310 or email ericagarner14@gmail.com.