A LUDLOW lad knows his football.

Hugo Hunt aged 11 is a student at Ludlow Church of England School.

He comes from a football mad family, but Hugo knows his mind and since the age of four he has been a Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter and so in his short life has known the highs and lows of being a football supporter.

At the moment he is definitely enjoying the upside as Wolves consolidate their promotion with a solid mid table place in the Premier League.

Hugo is a season ticket holder and has now got the job as one of the away team mascots and in was in this capacity that he was at Shrewsbury for the FA Cup.

However, it was not easy for the Premier League Club who were on the verge of going out of Cup but for a late equaliser but went on to win the replay.

Hugo’s great grandad Derek is a Wolves fan and so is grandad Chris and also his auntie Stacey. However, Hugo’s dad David supports Manchester United but says that Wolves is his second team and he was at the match to watch Hugo perform his mascot duties.

As Hugo will know Wolves have been a big club in the past but that was a long time before he was born.

Like their fierce local rivals West Bromwich Albion they have a tendency to yoyo between the top two tiers of England football but the young man from Ludlow has taken up his mascot duties very much on a rising tide for the Wanderers.