THE Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre is run by the Grow Cook and Learn Charity.

One of the objectives is to help people to cook and enjoy good food.

In many cases the ingredients will be from local sources.

But this does not mean that all of the cooking classes and workshops are focused upon traditional English cuisine.

Recently there was a course in Thai cooking that was held at the centre and led by Sheela Udeshi.

She demonstrated that the cuisine of the Far East can be given a Shropshire twist.

The Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre runs cookery classes and workshops throughout the year.

In the past it has led courses that help to provide good food ideas for people with conditions such as allergies and gluten intolerance.

Specialists also help people to cook the meals that are eaten in different parts of the world.

The idea is to get people preparing meals rather than ‘ready meals’ that can be both expensive and unhealthy.

This is considered especially important at a time when there is rising concern about obesity, especially amongst children and young people.

With family budgets under pressure the workshops also help people to get the most from what they buy.