THE majority who voted in the Ludlow constituency in the 2016 Referendum supported Leave but the Green party claim this is changing.

But the party accepts that a survey that they carried out in Church Stretton and Craven Arms is not statistically reliable. People in the two towns have been invited to express their views. According to the Green Party the findings were that people do not think that the Brexit process is going well and are especially worried about a no deal outcome. Seventy-one per cent of participants in Church Stretton and 57 per cent in Craven Arms thought Brexit would not be good for their family. Just over half of those in Craven Arms and 60 per cent in Church Stretton did not think it would be good for the NHS.

“These Brexitometers in Church Stretton and Craven Arms reveal the extent of people’s unease with where our country is heading,” said Hilary Wendt, of the South Shropshire Green Party. “Whilst some continue to wish for Brexit to happen, many people who told us they had voted Leave in 2016 now feel that they were misled by the people behind the Brexit campaign and that the best deal available is the one we have currently got as members of the EU.”