THE call has gone out for a cook who can prepare Christmas lunch for more than 40 people.

Every year in Ludlow a meal is prepared for people who face being on their own on the big day.

This year it will be at the Helena Lane Centre or perhaps it won’t.

At the moment, the organisers do not know if they will have someone to cook the meal because the person that had been lined up may have to be out of town.

If no one can be found, then the meal may have to be cancelled leaving people who lead lonely lives to spend Christmas Day on their tod.

There will be plenty of volunteers to help with the serving, but the need is for someone who can cook and has experience of doing it for a larger group of people than normally sit around the family table.

Vivienne Parry, Ludlow Town Councillor and Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow south said it would be a huge blow if the Christmas day lunch has to be cancelled and lonely people left disappointed.

If anyone believes that they can help, then they are asked to contact Ludlow Methodist Church.