A THIRTY-year-old man who had been bitten by a dog brandished knives at paramedics when told he did not need hospital treatment, a court heard.

Luke Murphy became aggressive and later spat in the face of a police officer when they returned to the address in Little Hereford, near Ludlow.

At Shrewsbury Crown Court last week Murphy was given an eight-month prison sentence, suspended for two years.

Passing sentence Judge Anthony Lowe said people who pick up knives and show aggression will be punished severely.

“The court will always do what it has to do to protect members of the services who are doing their duty, in this case the paramedics and police who were only there because you called them,” he told the defendant.

Murphy, of Temple Meadow, who had admitted two charges of affray and two of battery, must also complete a rehabilitation programme.

The court heard Murphy had previous convictions burglary, theft, assault, criminal damage, affray and drink-driving.

The incidents on February 25 happened after Murphy was bitten by a dog belonging to his girlfriend Lisa Davies at her Little Hereford home.

Ms Lynette McClement, prosecuting, said he called the emergency services late in the evening and police and paramedics attended.

However, the police left but were called back shortly before 1am when the paramedics activated their emergency call system.

Ms MClement said Murphy was unhappy with the paramedics assessment that he did not need to be taken to hospital by ambulance.

She said the defendant had left the room and returned waving two kitchen knives.

“One paramedic believed he might self harm while the other thought he might harm them. One of the knives was described as a bread knife with quite a significant blade,” she said.

The paramedics left the house and when police arrived soon after Ms Davies told them Murphy still had a knife.

He was at the top of the stairs and was “animated and aggressive” and spat down the stairs hitting one officer in the face.

Murphy held knives in front of him and said: “If you come upstairs, watch what happens”.

The defendant was tasered and taken to hospital where he continued be aggressive towards police and hospital staff.

Ms McClement said he spat at another officer hitting the stab vest at which point a spit guard was put on him.

Mr Jamie Scott, for Murphy, said his client suffered from Asperger’s and did not remember the incident as he had been drinking alcohol and had mistakenly taken his girlfriend’s medication.

He said Murphy had since enrolled with the Open University and cut down his drinking and had completed a drink-drive awareness course.

“He acknowledges his behaviour was wrong and has taken considerable steps to remedy it and make amends,” said Mr Scott.