A Shropshire auctioneer is gearing up for a special Christmas sale.

The Shrewsbury Auction Centre, managed by Halls, will sell more than 500 birds on December 20 in a sale that auctioneer Jonny Dymond hopes will be an annual fixture for years to come.

"The birds are all local and last year we had 11 suppliers from Shropshire and Powys bring their birds to the market to be sold by auction," added Mr Dymond.

"All are of the highest quality and represent excellent value for money in comparison to buying from retailers."

The expectations put on poultry producers by retailers often creates a surplus of stock that needs to be sold ahead of Christmas.

Producers have utilised local auction houses to do this for centuries and so to continue the tradition as a service to the farming community is something that Halls are enthusiastic about, Mr Dymond say.

"People should not feel intimidated to buy or sell at auction, and should take advantage of the savings they can make, especially at Christmas when money is tight for many," he added.

"The turkeys last year averaged approximately £2 per Lb when most retailers were averaging approximately £5 per Lb."

My Dymond said the sale is certainly an alternative way to buy the festive dinner.

"However, in an era where everyone is turning to the internet at Christmas for pretty much everything, there is a certain amount of community spirit in an outdoor auction of local turkeys and other birds that shows a local commitment to farming and supporting local farmers," he added.