THERE is concern that vandals and anti-social behaviour is behind broken ‘silent soldiers’ in Ludlow.

It is not clear if the damage has been caused by vandals or is a result of the wind.

But Andy Boddington, who represents Ludlow on Shropshire Council, doubts that the weather is responsible for the breaking of the wooden replicas that have been located around the town as part of the commemoration of the end of the First World War.

“Another Silent Soldier has been broken,” said Mr Boddington.

“There has been controversy over whether this is down to vandalism or strong winds.

“Winds did not get above six kmph.

“That not enough to ruffle your hair let alone to snap a Silent Soldier.”

The councillor says that anti-social bhaviour is all too common and he believes that ‘mindless and disrespectful vandalism is to blame.

“Anti-social behaviour on a weekend night along Parys Road is not unusual,” he added.

“Discarded chip cartons, pizza boxes, even McDonalds boxes and beakers.

“On most Sunday mornings a couple of heaps of vomit.

“I don’t believe for one moment this soldier was felled by the wind.

“It was an act of mindless and disrespectful vandalism.”

The silent soldiers, were an initiative that was led nationally by the Royal British Legion.