IT has been suggested that Ludlow might consider declaring independence from Shropshire Council.

This comes from Andy Boddington, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow North and follows news of potential redundancies to people providing community support.

“Shropshire Council is to make its Community Enablement Team redundant,” said Mr Boddington.

“This comes as the council struggles with an unprecedented financial crisis.

“The move bizarrely seems to have the support of the cabinet member for communities. The decision flies in the face of a motion passed unanimously by Shropshire Council members on September 20.

“That called for a working group to review how Shropshire Council supports communities.”

He said that the Council is facing a major financial crisis and blames a combination of austerity imposed by central Government combined with Council policy.

“Shropshire Council is suffering an unprecedented financial crisis,” added Mr Boddington.

“It doesn’t have enough money to fund children’s services and adult social care.

“This comes after years of mismanagement by the council. For years under its first leader, there were no council tax rises. Some areas saw cuts. The council failed to invest in its buildings and computer systems.

“Now the council has told its Community Enablement Team they face redundancy. This has led to protests from councillors of all political parties.

“The community enablement officers are one of Shropshire Council’s greatest assets.

“There are other rows going on about Shropshire Council’s relationship with the community. Broseley Town Council is to debate leaving Shropshire to join Telford and Wrekin. There will be more fireworks over that than we had on the fifth of November.

“Perhaps there is the germ of an idea there. I am not sure out town would want to join Herefordshire. But we should declare independence.”