A BOOK dealing with how women can get through the menopause has been launched from Myriad Organics in Ludlow.

Deborah Rowland launched, ‘Take the Long Way Home.’

Part memoir, part inspirational journey, ‘Take the Long Way Home’ is a celebration of all things natural, including the inevitable change in a woman’s body as she grows older.

Deborah’s unexpected challenge of living through intense menopausal symptoms whilst attempting to settle into the beautiful Shropshire landscape has given her a deeper understanding of how we belong in, and are healed by, the natural world around us.

She recorded in a journal over a five-year period her observations, thoughts, feelings and emotions that the ‘Change’ brought into her life.

What has emerged is a book which takes the reader on a journey through trees, moving home, loss, literature and relationship.

“Although I have friends who have gone through the Change, nothing prepared me for such a painful, destabilising, and yet, ultimately transformative experience,” she said.

“As we grow older, far from becoming invisible, women have essential roles to play in culture and society, supporting each other through and into life beyond the Change.

“My hope is ‘Take the Long Way Home’ will spark a conversation about this crucial time.”

She has lived in Shropshire for two years.

“The idea for my new book emerged as the intense menopausal symptoms lessened, and my energy returned,” added Ms Rowland

“I am so grateful to have had these precious moments to direct this energy into creating my book.”

Fifty per cent of the profits from the sale will be donated to Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Woodland Trust and the PDSA.