A MAJOR exhibition has opened near Tenbury to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War.

The exhibition in St Michael’s Church opened on Monday and will run for three weeks.

It will include memorabilia from the time and one of the main features will be a wall of doves that has been made from copies of poems and letters that were sent by soldiers back home to loved ones from the trenches.

Also included in the exhibition will be clothing and fashion items from the 1914-1918 period.

There is also a section devoted to the ‘Canary Girls’ who were the women that worked at a munition’s factory at Rotherwas in Hereford.

The women were given the name because of the strong yellow colour of their skin as a result of working with the chemicals involved in the making of the munitions.

“It is said that if the women became pregnant when they gave birth, the baby would also have a yellow skin,” said Janet Penn, one of the people involved in the exhibition.

There will also be two concerts in the Church on Friday, November 9 and Saturday, November 10 that will raise money for Canine Companions, the Legion and Combat Stress.