DURING the summer, artist Rose Hannah Button was approached by St Michael's Church, Tenbury Wells, to create a concept for an armistice anniversary exhibition.

After hearing the original concept for the artistic representation of the anniversary surrounding the First World War, she contemplated what a dove really symbolises within the Christian faith and to the world; love, peace, the promise of better things to come.

The result was an installation recently erected at the church.

Rose said "When considering the dove, and all the ways in which it can artistically represented, I considered paint, sculpture, pencil, but none of these, I felt, would create the impact deserved nor conceal a deeper meaning within them to show what those soldiers who fought and lost their lives endured.

"As I looked at a series of poem's and letters sent by these soldiers to their loved ones I discovered that, in their words, they epitomised that dove, letters full of love, full of peace and full of hope.

"I printed one of these letters and crafted it into a dove using origami, an encapsulated symbol of love and hope, within the creases made, formed a beautiful and symbolic creation.

"Then I made another, and another, and before I knew it, 30 minutes had gone and I'd made 30 origami doves".

Rose made 700 doves from the letters and poems by the soldiers and their loved ones and suspended them into a flock with fishing wire.

The exhibition also contains a wonderful array of different things put together within the community, celebrating, remembering and informing about the time in question.

The exhibition, entitled 100 Years Ago, is open to the public every day from 10am until 4pm until November 18. Any collected donations will be given to military charities.