LUDLOW’S community firework display will go ahead.

The town’s community bonfire and firework display takes place on Gallows Bank on Monday.

However, the event was in doubt because there were not enough people to steward.

“This year’s event is desperately short of stewards and without more people volunteering to help the event cannot go ahead,” said Linda Monteith, the Shropshire Community Council enablement officer, in an appeal for more people to come forward.

Being a steward is not onerous but is essential for public safety.

It involves a short safety talk before the display begins and involves making sure that people keep outside a fenced area where the bonfire will be and the fireworks lit.

This will be for about an hour and a quarter after which there will be a free drink at the Rockspring Centre.

However, the appeal brought a great response and with 60 stewards signed up the event is definitely on.

Tracey Huffer is chair of the Ludlow Youth Partnership and Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow East.

“This is Ludlow’s biggest community event,” she said.

“It is also one of the few public events outside the town centre. It attracts hundreds of people every year, especially children and families.

“This year is promising to be our best firework display ever. Even the weather forecast is good.

“After we put out a call for volunteers, around 60 people volunteered to help steward the event.

“The firework display is managed by a local company, which gives its time for free. The display has got better year by year.

“We are fortunate to be funded by the Tesco Bags of Help fund and supported by South Shropshire Housing Group, which is now part of Connexus Housing.”

The bonfire and firework display have come to be a focus for the community bringing people from all over the town to come and watch as well as take part in other activities.

It is also possible for people who cannot make it to Gallows Bank to view the firework display from other parts of the town.

There is a tradition for the display to be held in the week before bonfire night after the clocks have gone back meaning that it is properly dark by 6.30pm.

Fire experts advise people to enjoy bonfire night by visiting public displays like the one in Ludlow because they are both more spectacular and safer than small bonfires and fireworks let off in private gardens in the town.