On Saturday, October 20 in Knighton Community Centre Bar, lovers of good music can experience an evening of pure Western music. Clint Bradley, a lifelong fan of Marty Robbins' Gunfighter Ballads and the original singing cowboys such as Gene Autry and Sons of The Pioneers brings his four-piece acoustic band for their first ever show in Wales. The show mixes Clint's original songs with classy covers of the aforementioned acts.

Marty Robbins' Gunfighter Ballad albums inspired Clint Bradley to start playing music at a young age. His early attempts to form a band playing authentic Western music fell on stony ground. It proved extremely difficult at that time to convince other budding young musicians to share his passion. So he got into Rockabilly, joined The Blue Cats, made records and toured the world, but he never forgot his love for Western Music. When he finally released his first pure Western album 'Riding After Midnight', he felt that he’d finally reached his destination. "The reaction to the album has been truly wonderful experience for me," says Clint. "Proof once and for all that if people are allowed to hear Western music in its pure form, they can warm to it, regardless of where they live or what preconceptions they had of the genre."

The show starts at 8pm. To book, call 01544 350407 or 01547 528315.