LUDLOW has a namesake in the blue grass state.

The town in the Marches and Ludlow in the state of Kentucky in the United States of America has officially recognised their connection to Ludlow, by proclamation of the celebration of Ludlow England Day.

The proclamation from the Mayor of the City of Ludlow in Kentucky, Kenneth Wynn, was presented to the Mayor of Ludlow by Ruth Bamberger, who is a resident of Ludlow, Kentucky.

Mrs Bamberger was attending a summer choral school at St Laurence’s Church at the invitation of The Lacock Scholars, who had invited voices from around the world for a choral school and concert of Renaissance and Baroque music at the Parish Church of St Laurence.

She made the presentation of the proclamation prior to the closing performance of Venetian Vespers by the choral summer school at St Laurence’s Church Ludlow.

In the proclamation, Mayor Wynn, praised Ludlow as a vibrant market town dating back to Medieval times.

The proclamation explained the connection between The Lacock Scholars choral school of Renaissance and Baroque music at the Parish Church of St Laurence.

The proclamation stated that Ludlow, Kentucky is named after its founder, Israel Ludlow Jr., whose admiration for the Ludlow region named streets in the town Stokesay and Ludford; and in recognition of the connection of two Ludlow’s.

“I was delighted to receive the proclamation and have written to Mayor Wynn to thank him for the honouring our Ludlow, in the way that recognises the historic relationship that exist between the two towns,” said Tim Gill, Mayor of Ludlow.