STORE Cattle - Feeding bulls: Some excellent bulls on offer meet with a trade out of the top draw. Plenty of buyers looking for all sorts and types. Bulls peaked at £3.02ppk or £1150pph to average £2.06ppk or £800pph.

Feeding heifers: A nice selection of heifers forward. A good mix of buyers looking for strong feeding sorts to over-weathered types. Heifers made £1150pph or £2.33ppk to average £800pph or £1.90ppk.

Feeding steers: Strong feeding cattle seemed to be the order of the day with buyers looking to fill yards. Native cattle also had a marked premium. If you are thinking of selling store cattle please don't let the Autumn get in to them with feed prices like they are. Steers reached £1290pph or £2.38ppk to average £864pph or £1.91ppk.

Store sheep - 1806: A good entry of store lambs met a charper trade with more buyers looking for lambs to graze. All lambs forward sold to an excellent trade with a host of buyers forward for all types of lambs.

Best lambs sold to £71.50 received for some Texel cross lambs from R H Stinton & Sons.

Several lambs sold in the £60 to £70 per head range.

The whole section averaged an excellent £63.50 per head.

Strong store lambs sold from £60 to £71.50 per head.

Medium store lambs sold from £50 to £60 per head.

Small store lambs sold from £40 to £50 per head.

More store lambs are needed for each sale to suffice the buyers demands.

Please can you inform us of any tups that you bring so they can be identified and sold appropriately to save problems at the end of the sale.

Breeding ewes - 2,858: A trade that can be best summarised by the phrase "keep digging". Parts were bright with some good ewes on offer meeting fair competition. The annual sale of Clun Forest sheep attracted fresh interest from breeders with yearling ewes making up to £285. Other runs of Clun sold between £130 and £150. 2 year old Clun ewes to £140.

As regards the commercial ewes on offer, £130 would stop most things. Having said that, there was a run of Welsh Mules making in the mid £140s. Runs of better North County Mules between £130 and £140. A total of 75% of the ewes were sold and all of the yearlings averaged £123 right the way through which would be about £6 per head down on the previous sale.

A nice entry of Clun rams met a virtual total clearance. The highest priced shearling being £546 and all of the Clun shearlings averaging £246. Clun ram lambs sold up to £367.50 and all of the ram lambs averaged £196.30.

The first prize winners in the various show classes were:

Mr Jones, Well Farm (winner of Best Pen of Crossbred Ewes).

Tim Badger, Yew Tree Farm (winner of Best Pen of Mule Ewes).