MARK Yarnold, governor of Tenbury Primary School, makes some interesting observations regarding excessive preoccupation with academic successes (Advertiser, September 6).

It does appear that from an early age the focus is on the ambitions and success of the school and the student. 

However, these two elements are probably not so much in harmony given Mark’s comments about other skills and talents that deserve to be recognised but not regarded as important by the educational authorities. 

In Tenbury, both the junior and senior schools are excellent learning establishments with remarkable, dedicated and hard working staff working tirelessly to improve the level of attainment for the pupil.

Every year I am in awe of the pictures and Advertiser reports of the incredible, high achieving pupils’ results Tenbury High School consistently deliver, which is fantastic.

However, Mark is right. 

In both primary and secondary schools there are students who are not best suited to academic achievement.

I really feel for those individuals who have not achieved amazing, high level results, and are not applauded and celebrated via front-page media or school news reports and pictures, because for me, they are just as much valued and important within our society. 

After all, I was one of those not so intellectually successful individuals during my time at Tenbury High School!

On next year’s Advertiser front page, I would like to see the school results celebrated as usual with those hard working students who have succeeded, but I would also like to see those who have also worked hard achieving the lower grades and how the school over time has improved their performance.  

I concur with Mr Yarnold that although top scholars are important and should be nurtured, for me life skills are broader than a level 9 certificate.

The Advertiser front page piece on this matter was supported by a picture of a sign, Quiet Please – Exams In Progress.

For all the other students, not so academically gifted who have worked equally as hard and are esteemed as such, next year, please could I see the sign reading, ‘Shout Out Loud, Please – Work in progress’.

Cliff Slade

Tenbury Wells