I HAVE been interested to read Adrian Kibbler's coverage of the controversy over my tweets on Muslim dress over the last two weeks. It was almost entirely accurate.

He, like me, is not familiar with the correct terms. I tweeted hajib, when I meant hijab. He writes that the hijab covers the face except for the eyes, when it is the niqab that does that.

That apart, he questions my motives. Never mind Boris Johnson. I was just concerned that there seemed to be areas where we should not make comments, and thus we leave them to those wanting to stir up trouble.

Better that we discuss matters of dress in public – and comment freely on all such strange apparel.

It seems clear to me that fear of being thought racist stayed the hand of those who should have tackled sexual exploitation in Rotherham, Oxford and Telford. That helped no one.

My "joke" about the niqab looking like a letterbox was broadcast by Paul Merton, imitating Prince Charles, on Have I Got News For You. Do you have to be a professional comic to make bad jokes?

I would prefer it if we could all comment more freely, and accept that we are going to upset some people some of the time – perhaps then we can all laugh at nuns looking like penguins, or Bavarians in lederhosen, or Scotsmen in kilts.

Better that than clamming up for fear of causing offence.

Cllr Dr Ken Pollock

Member, Tenbury Division

Worcestershire County Council