NOW that the supporters of the 20's Plenty For Us campaign have persuaded Ludlow Town Council to endorse the scheme, I am hoping that they will also offer my campaign their full support.

I live on The Sheet, a 30mph speed-limit road on the outskirts of Ludlow.

The traffic on this road regularly travels at speeds exceeding 50mph and continues to do so despite a six-year campaign to persuade the authorities to do something about it.

To make matters worse, my immediate neighbours and I have no street lights or pavements and so, as you can imagine, walking to the local postbox or park-and-ride is extremely hazardous.

My latest campaign began last October when I requested the council approach West Mercia Police about this issue in the hope that our community group would be allowed to undertake speed monitoring using a hand-held speed gun.

I think that this is a much better option than using already overstretched police resources (I took part in a similar scheme when I lived in a village in Cornwall and the speeding problem disappeared immediately).

Unfortunately, the results of the monitoring on The Sheet showed that the average speed of the traffic (above 35mph) is too high for the community to get involved.

I am now of the opinion that nothing will be done until there is a serious accident.

Do I think that replacing our 30mph signs with 20mph signs will alleviate this problem? What do you think?

John Eaton